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Perhaps no problem plagues the Internet as deeply as that of unsolicited junk e-mail, or spam. While there's no doubt that spam can be annoying to the end users, spam can cause problems for both the network administrators and for those who own or manage a company because spam robs your company of productivity and of system resources. One of the more overlooked ways in which spam effects an organization's productivity is in the amount of time that users spend deleting it. A recent IDC white paper estimates that one in every five e-mail messages that a person receives is spam and that the average employee spends about five seconds getting rid of each spam message.

Now, let's assume that the average employee gets 50 e-mail messages per day, 10 of which are spam. It has been estimated that it takes five seconds to look at and delete a spam on average, then an employee that receives 10 spams a day wastes 50 seconds dealing with spam. At first, 50 seconds of wasted time sounds trivial. However, if an organization had 2,000 employees, then the employees would be collectively wasting 10,000 seconds or 27.7 man hours per day. This works out to 7,222.2 wasted man hours each year. If the average employee earned $15 per hour then the company would be looking at a financial loss of $108,333.33 per year in wasted man hours, just because each employee spent a mere 50 seconds a day dealing with spam.

 Reflexion’s Email Threat Protection service provides the most effective blocking of spam, viruses and phishing exploits, while restoring end-user confidence in email.  With Reflexion, email users enjoy unparalleled proactive and granular control over access to their inbox -- access is denied to unwanted senders and content, while access is assured for the mail they want to receive.  Powerful end-user controls are matched by exceptional configurability for solution providers, enabling them to meet the widest range of customer requirements and address the toughest spam problems.  Standard configuration options simplify deployment.

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